Hello! Da jia hao!大家好!

Welcome back to Chinese Class of 2016-2017!

We started off our new school year by actively engaging reviewing and learning routines, procedures and introduce him/herself...

We are going to have a fantastic school year.

Class time for 3rd grade:

9:40 - 10:25 a.m.

PE on E days


  • Students will be able to understand simple commands, short stories and common conversations on familiar topics as well as new contexts with contextual support in Chinese
  • Students will be able to make simple phrases in order to communicate on everyday topics and some academic topics, as well as be able to describe successfully in Chinese
  • Students will be able to read short paragraphs using Pinyin-a Romanized alphabet system in Chinese
  • Students will be able to recognize some simplified Chinese characters
  • Students will be able to list several cultural differences within the city, state and nation and recognize how these help them understand they are citizens of the world.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast facts about the Chinese culture they have studied with their own environment.


In order to reach these objectives, we use interactive learning methods, games, books and other literature tools, music, song, video, computer software and the language lab.
We incorporate key concepts based on the main curriculum such as math, science, geography, and social studies.


1. I can count 100-10,000...

2. I can name family and extended family...

3. I can describe places in our community...

4. I can name people in our community...

5. I can name fruit and vegetable …

6. I can tell my needs…

7. I can tell emotions…

8. I can name clothes…

9. I can say I have or don't have...

10. I can name people in school …

11. I can name places in school…

12. I can tell things I like or dislike...

13. I can tell time...

14. I can tell daily activities...


感(gǎn)恩(ēn)节(jiē)快(kuài)乐(lè)!Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for grandpa(dad's father), grandma(dad's mother), grandpa(mom's father), grandma(mom's mother).

I am thankful for father and mother.

I am thankful for older brother, older sister, younger brother and younger sister.

I am thankful for teacher, classmates and friends.

Here are some useful websites for you to practice at home.

Have fun!

Chinese Vocabulary: http://www.yes-chinese.com/card/card_cnpic.jsp
Number: http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/games/numbers/chinese/one.html
Color: http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/stories/xinxin/saving/colorc.html
Body parts: http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/games/body/human_body_zhong.html

Chinese computer activities -

Lots of Chinese Games - http://www.digitaldialects.com/Chinese.htm
Chinese Character writing game - http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/games/characters.shtml
Practice recognizing Chinese tones - http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/games/tones.shtml
Colors in Chinese - http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/stories/xinxin/saving/colorc.html
Chinese Concentration - http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/games/fruit/fruit2.html
Animal Games
external image game_menu_koi.gif
external image game_menu_koi.gif


external image game_pictas_choose-11.gif
external image game_pictas_choose-11.gif

Matching Game - http://pbskids.org/sagwa/games/picturesaswords/associate/index.html
external image game_pictas_choose-13.gif
external image game_pictas_choose-13.gif

Combination Game - http://pbskids.org/sagwa/games/picturesaswords/combine/index.html http://pbskids.org/sagwa/games/picturesaswords/index.html

Look at this poster of computer vocabulary in Chinese.

Chinese Vocabulary Webiste